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I have told of my struggles with my eye problem in previous posts. I have done all I have known to do to correct the problem. Recently, I discovered the reason of my eye problem. Dairy has always been a nemesis of mine, but I allowed it to creep back into my diet. When I stopped using my whey protein, I noticed my eye got better. When I was on my mission trip, my eye problem had gotten completely well. Then back at home, it flared up once again. I realized I had been taking probiotics while I was away too. I decided to start back on them; once again, I noticed a difference. So as I start my new year off, I have to put a rebuilding program into place. My temple has broken down, and the walls need to be repaired (intestinal walls that is)! As I was considering this line of thought, I recalled a sermon I heard on New Year’s Eve. The sermon was titled “Count on It” and was spoken by pastor Steven Furtick (Elevation Church). It was a powerful word for this coming year.

God has made some incredible promises in His word. The thing about God is: if He promises something, then He will bring it to pass! One of the promises of God concerned Solomon’s temple. He stated the temple would be rebuilt after it was destroyed by the Babylonians. The first temple was built by Solomon. The second temple (Ezra 3) was built on the old foundation, but it seemed to be less grand than the first (Ezra 3:12). But God said in Haggai 2, it was going to be better than the first. The look on the outside may not look the same, but the temple would be grander than the first because of God’s glory (vs 9). This promise was also fulfilled when Jesus came to earth. He fulfilled many promises in the Bible. Another promise was given that the Holy Spirit would come when Jesus ascended to heaven. The Holy Spirit fulfills the promise too that our temples will be grander when He comes to dwell in us.

My body is the place where the Holy Spirit resides. If my walls are broken down, then I need to rebuild from the foundation that is already in place. I need to shore up my spiritual walls. I want the Holy Spirit to be grander than previously experienced. God has promised me that the Holy Spirit will help me. I can count on it! I can count on His promises to be fulfilled. Awesome! As I am rebuilding, He is working the blessing for the glory of God to be even grander. “‘This Temple is going to end up far better than it started out, a glorious beginning but an even more glorious finish: a place in which I will hand out wholeness and holiness.’ Decree of God-of-the-Angel-Armies.”Haggai 2:9 (The Message)

I am so excited to think God is at work. As I am obedient to do the things I know to do, His glory is going to be grander. His seed has already been planted in me. I do not yet see all that He has in store, but His promise is to prosper, not harm. I can count on it!

“‘Now think ahead from this same date—this twenty-fourth day of the ninth month. Think ahead from when the Temple rebuilding was launched. Has anything in your fields—vine, fig tree, pomegranate, olive tree—failed to flourish? From now on you can count on a blessing.’” Haggai 2:18-19


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