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Did you ever like the commercial from Master Card advertising the uses of the card as priceless? Some of the commercials really did seem priceless in their comparisons. When we consider the temporal and the eternal – nothing can compare to what God sees in us. I was listening to a sermon recently on the fact of being priceless in the eyes of Jesus and God. The sermon topic was on Jesus turning ordinary water into wine (found in John 2). It took a supernatural event by Jesus to turn water to wine.

Wine is as valuable as one is willing to pay for it. Jesus paid a price for us and has made us priceless in His sight. He took an ordinary event of death on a cross but made it a supernatural event when He rose from the dead. He chose to get up on the cross because He saw us as valuable. There is nothing good about us – we are the water. But Jesus turned us into a new creation through His death. He turned the water into the best wine available. He made us into new creatures better than the original. But we fail many times to see our lives as being valuable or priceless. God sent His Son to pay the price for us. It took me a few minutes to get this point. I am not worthless or insignificant. God sees me as valuable enough to send His one and only Son to die for me and for you.

He also made an abundance of wine. It was not just a glass full or a bottle or two. He took six large containers holding from twenty to thirty gallons a piece and filled them full of the really good stuff. He could have just taken one jar and filled it up. But God wants to bless us in abundance. He is a good Father who wants nothing more than to radically bless us with the good stuff. Jesus gave them more than what they could ask for or imagine. Jesus wants more of our lives than what we could ask for or imagine. He is ready to fill us up with the good stuff. The servants were told to do what He says to do. They were consistently obedient. Each time Jesus said to do this, they did it. God doesn’t want to take something from us, but He wants to give to us. We are asked to surrender because He has something better in mind. If we don’t surrender, then we will have no room left to accept the abundance that God wants to give. The abundance is ready if I am willing to be obedient to what Jesus says. The Master card has been used abundantly, but the bill has already been paid. Now, that is PRICELESS!

Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? And not one of them will fall to the ground apart from your Father. But even the hairs of your head are all numbered. Fear not, therefore; you are of more value than many sparrows. Matthew 10:29-31 (ESV)


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