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Have you asked God to confirm what you think you have heard? I started asking a few days ago to confirm what I believe God was saying to me. I listened to sermons from the different pastors I follow. I read my Bible as I do every day. I paid attention to the ones I was speaking to thinking He would confirm it through a friend. But nothing was confirmed through those means of communication. I wasn’t discouraged, but continued to ask that the message I heard is the right thing. I did hear two words during this time, and it was “stop procrastinating.” Ouch. Was I doing that? Yes, I was. I do that a lot. When I procrastinate, I am usually controlled by fear. Faith and fear do not coexist. You either have one or the other. The next day I started working on my next step. I put the fear into the right place – behind me and moved in the direction that I believed God was indicating.

I finally heard my confirmation last night. When I took a break from writing, I popped over to my email account, and I found an email from a daily devotion email blast. The title was Letting Our Light Shine. In it, I found my confirmation. As I was reading, the words jumped off the page. I knew then, God was saying “you’re on the right track, go for it and let me deal with the consequences.” This morning, I was going through my Anne Graham Lotz Bible Study, it was focused on Lazarus’ resurrection in John 11. The scripture reminded me that we have to do something first before the miracle happens. The stone had to be rolled away before Lazarus could be resurrected. We have to put our faith into action. God showed me first that I had to get busy doing what I believed to be right before He confirmed it was right. I can hear the word, but I have to believe it’s true. I have to do something to show my belief. Then God promises I will see His glory.

Then Jesus said, “Did I not tell you that if you believe, you will see the glory of God?”John 11:40


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